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7 Intrada Brass006_new.jpg

Gaîté Canadienne -

Intrada Brass, Bram Gregson, conductor


Includes Lothar Klein's "Gaîté Canadienne" for Brass Band WRC8-7607

4 Horn & Harp008_New.jpg

Horn and Harp Odyssey -

Soren Hermansson, horn, Erica Goodman, harp


Includes Lothar's Klein's "AODOI, an Odyssey for Horn and Harp



(Lothar Klein Chamber Music Sampler)

Tam O'Shanter (a Narrative for flute after Rober Burns), Sonata for Piano, Vaudeville (Acrobatics for soprano saxophone and woodwind quintet), Canadiana Suite (for 2 pianos), Trocadero (music for Paris in the 20's, 1st. mvt.) Tombeau for Two Guitars, Espirit (une Souvenir de Daniel François Espirit Auber), Six Exchanges for Soprano Saxophone, Romance & Tango, Bravura Brass, Troubador for solo cello, Partita 2000 

(to be released soon!)

1 LK - Music Ancient & Mod002-New.jpg

MUSICS ANCIENT AND MODERN (Orchestral Works vol. 1)  1993

Musica Antiqua for Consort and Orchestra, Masque of Orianna for Orchestra, Canadiana Ballet Suite - North German Radio Orchestra, Munich Philharmonic. Canadian Music Centre (1993) RDRCD-504

2 LK - Espana003_New.jpg

ESPANA (and other orchestral works, vol II)  1999

Espana - Concerto for Cello and Orchestra, Janizary Music for Wind Orchestra, Symphony #3 for Large Wind Orchestra, Musique a Go-Go (A Symphonic Melee) (1999) RDRCD-5174

5 Trio Lyra007_New.jpg

Lyra Hébraique -

Trio Lyra

(Suzanne Shulman, flute, Mark Childs, viola, Erica Goodman, harp 2003

Includes Lothar Klein's "Partita for Flute, Viola and Harp (1951)

CBC Records MVCD1161

6 Hussong CD005_New.jpg

Tango Fantasy -

Stefan Hussong


Features Lothar Klein's "Essercizi" (1980) for accordion,

Denon Records CO-78841

8 Jong Bloed009_New.jpg

Radio 3 • Jong Bloed


includes Lothar Klein's "Essercizi" (1980) for accordion as played by Ivan Smeulders, 3-Link R3 99014

9 Kuyas_New.jpg

KUYAS • Roxolana Roslak


Includes Lothar Klein's "Three Melancholy Songs" (1966), Roxolana Roslak, Soprano / William Aide, piano  Centrediscs WRC1-2895

11 National Ballet of Canada -

National Ballet of Canada Presents Music for Dance & Keyboard / James Anagnoson and Leslie Kinton, piano 


Features Lothar Klein's "Canadiana Suite" (1980) for piano duo,

JUBAL 5002

10 Hugo Herrman plays LK_New.jpg

Hugo-Herrman Wettbewerb for Solo-Accordionist


Includes Lothar Klein's "ESSERCIZI" (1980)  Hugo-Herrman Wettbewerb, Teodoro Anzellotti-accordion, Hohner Studio HS8-099-115

12 Paul Brodie plays LK_New.jpg

Paul Brodie Plays Saxophone


Includes Lothar Klein's "SIX EXCHANGES" (1972) for Soprano Saxophone as played by Paul Brodie, Golden Crest RE 7056

13 Louisville Symphony_New.jpg

Louisville Orchesta, Robert Whitney, Conductor


Includes Lothar Klein's "MUSIQUE A GO-GO" (A Symphonic Melee - 1966), Louisville Orchestra, Robert Whitney, cond., First Edition Records LOU/LS-672


(and other vocal works vol. III)  2003

Philosopher in the Kitchen for Contralto & Orchestra, Three Melancholy Songs for Soprano & Piano, Hachava - Memorial Meditations (2nd mvt.) for Baritone and Chamber Ensemble, Six Scenes from "The Old Man and the Sea" for Baritone and Piano, Harmonic Symphonies of Celestial Revelation for Soprano, Viola and Chamber Ensemble (2003) RDRCD-7780

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